Why should I use Finish 6® Pro harvest aid?

Finish 6 Pro delivers superior boll opening while dropping green leaves and reducing terminal regrowth. Finish 6 Pro provides enhanced defoliation and opens bolls three days to five days faster, so you can get your crop out of the field earlier. Finish 6 Pro accelerates defoliation and boll opening without the harsh side effects of desiccants.

How does Finish 6 Pro work?

The hormonal synergy of Finish 6 Pro increases ethylene synthesis in the cotton plant after application. Compared with the desiccant activity of competitive products, the hormonal action of Finish 6 Pro stimulates the cotton plant to defoliate without leaf stick in addition to controlling regrowth. Both Finish 6 Pro and Ginstar® cotton defoliant increase ethylene synthesis in the plant, which in turn inhibits auxin transport. The result is a cleaner harvest and higher quality.

What tankmixes can I use with Finish 6 Pro?

For tough harvest conditions, tankmix Finish 6 Pro with Ginstar to create a highly flexible and complementary combination. Finish 6 Pro can also be tankmixed with tribufos for enhanced defoliation and regrowth control, as well as with thidiazuron and ethephon.

Why is Finish 6 Pro better than First Pick?

Finish 6 Pro provides faster boll opening and defoliation with a one-pass application. It also provides regrowth control, unlike First Pick, plus it is less corrosive.

When should I apply Finish 6 Pro?

Your Crop Science US sales representative is your resource for helping you determine the rate and timing that is best for your crop conditions. We are here to help you find the right program for your farm with experienced people and the broadest cotton portfolio.

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