How does Stance® plant regulator differ from other plant regulators on the market today?

Stance is a different approach to cotton plant management that simplifies application decisions. Its chemistry and multiple modes of action result in a standard application rate that delivers performance and simplicity.

Is Stance effective on all cotton varieties, including the more vigorous varieties?

Yes. Stance performs on all varieties and growth conditions that require multiple applications, as well as varieties and growing conditions that may not require an application until first bloom.

What are the application rates for Stance?

For moderate vegetative vigor, apply 2 fl oz/A as needed to control growth. For high vegetative vigor, apply 3fl oz/A to 4 fl oz/A as needed to control growth.

What is the rainfast interval for Stance?

Stance is rainfast within four hours to eight hours of application. If rain is expected within 4 hours, use of a surfactant can reduce that period to two hours.

Have universities tested Stance?

Yes. Stance has been in university trials across the Cotton Belt every year since 2004.

If I use Stance, can I still use Finish® 6 Pro harvest aid?

Yes. The maximum use rate of cyclanilide per season is 0.25 lbs/A of active ingredient. The combined maximum use rate of Stance (22 fl oz/A) and Finish 6 Pro (42.6 fl oz/A) only accounts for 0.157 lbs of active ingredient cyclanilide per acre.

Where can I purchase Stance?

Purchase Stance from your local Crop Science US retailer.

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