Competitive Advantage

Balance Flexx outworks the competition

Excellent flexibility in tankmixing, crop rotation and soil types makes Balance® Flexx a superior choice for fighting broadleaf and grass weeds from the start. And unlike the competition, it has the unique ability to reactivate with rain to get late emerging weeds.

Broadleaf Weed Control Comparison

Balance Flexx outperforms the competition when it comes to broadleaf weeds.

broadleaf weed control

Grass Weed Control Comparison

Balance Flexx is better than the competition at controlling key grass weeds.

grass weed control

Product Characteristics Comparison

Balance Flexx offers many benefits that competitors cannot.

product characteristics

Use Rate Comparison

Balance Flexx utilizes Ultra Low Use Rate technology unique to Bayer. This allows you to enhance your bottom line by doing more with lower application rates. You get increased flexibility, efficiency and cost savings. Container sizes are reduced, and so are labor and transportation expenses.

userate comparion

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