Drift Management

A top concern for all growers spraying herbicides is keeping drift management under control. DiFlexx contains the diglycolamine (DGA) salt of Dicamba which has been shown to greatly reduce volatility, however, managing drift is also important. Reducing spray drift keeps chemicals where they are applied and protects neighboring fields while also saving growers money, since extra product is not being wasted. Here are instructions for minimizing DiFlexx herbicide spray drift:

Monitoring Weather Conditions

  • Several weather conditions may contribute to drift including thermal inversion, humidity, wind speed, temperature, wind direction, etc. Avoid applying DiFlexx when wind speeds are unstable and greater than 10 mph

Precautions to avoid herbicide drift

  • Use coarse sprays (volume median diameter of 400 microns or more) to avoid potential herbicide drift. Select nozzles that are designed to produce minimal amounts of fine spray particles (less than 200 microns).
  • Examples of nozzles designed to produce coarse sprays via ground applications are Delavan® Raindrops, Spraying Systems XR (excluding 110º tips) flat fans, Turbo Teejets®, Turbo Floodjets®, or large capacity flood nozzles such as D10, TK10, or greater capacity tips.

Adjuvant deposition aids

  • Adjuvant deposition aids are highly recommended and can help enhance the average spray droplet size, which will reduce fines due to drifting spray droplets from inaccurate applications


  • Ensuring all ground application equipment is properly maintained and calibrated is important to managing spray drift.

Boom Height

  • Spray release height should be kept to a minimum in order to reduce drift and should be consistent with nozzle manufacturer recommendations. The roughness of the terrain, boom dynamics, and instability also influence the effective release height of the spray. To achieve satisfactory coverage and reduce drift, consider an appropriate boom length and travel speed for the terrain. Nozzles placed lower into the canopy (i.e., drop nozzles) may improve targeting and reduce drift.

For more details on DiFlexx drift management, please see the individual sections listed below or read the full DiFlexx label.

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