Application & Use Rates

IMPORTANT: Laudis® herbicide not registered in all states. Please consult your local Crop Science US representative for the latest information on registration.


Laudis may be applied to seed corn, field corn and popcorn from crop emergence up to the V8 growth stage. Laudis can be applied to sweet corn from crop emergence up to the V7 growth stage. The preharvest interval for Laudis is 45 days. For sweet corn, one Laudis application of up to 3 fl oz/A per year is recommended. For all other corn, a maximum of 6 fl oz/ A of Laudis herbicide may be applied per growing season. Applications should be at least seven days apart.

Low Volume

The use rate for Laudis is 3 fl oz/A for broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf weed control. Laudis is formulated as a liquid suspension concentrate with each gallon treating 42 to 64 acres of corn.



An application of Laudis herbicide at 3 fl oz/A in combination with atrazine at 0.5 lb AI/A will increase the speed of control, weed spectrum and control consistency. Do not use atrazine if corn is greater than 12 inches tall. Atrazine rates of up to 1.5 lb AI/A will be recommended.

Liberty® Herbicide

When used with 22 fl oz/A of Liberty on LibertyLink® hybrids, Laudis can be applied at 2 fl oz/A for residual control.


Laudis at 3 fl oz/A in tankmix with glyphosate on glyphosate-tolerant corn hybrids improves control of waterhemp, pigweed, lambsquarters, velvetleaf, ragweed, amaranths, and large, stressed, or otherwise difficult to control weeds as well as added residual. Follow adjuvant recommendations on glyphosate label.


MSO (1% v/v, 1.25 pt/min) or HSOC + Nitrogen source (UAN 1.5 qt/A or AMS 8.5 lb/100 gal, 1.5 lb/A min).



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