The Liberty® Weed Control Guarantee

Liberty® herbicide is simply better weed control. When you buy Liberty herbicide and apply it according to label instructions and S.T.O.P. guidelines, we guarantee it will meet commercially acceptable control. If commercially acceptable control isn’t met, talk to your retailer or Bayer representative to ensure your satisfaction.

To achieve optimal results, take the following actions:

  1. Apply at recommended rates.
  2. Follow all label directions.
  3. Follow S.T.O.P. guidelines.
  4. Follow specific regional and crop-specific use guidelines and recommendations.

Talk to your local Bayer representative to get additional details for regional and crop-specific use guidelines and recommendations.

  • An authorized Bayer representative must be notified of a Liberty Weed Control Guarantee claim within 10 days of application and have a reasonable opportunity to inspect the sprayed area prior to making any rescue applications. The authorized Bayer representative must confirm inadequate control relative to commercially acceptable control.
  • Only product purchased from a Bayer authorized retailer or Bayer distributor is eligible.
  • All payments are subject to final approval by Bayer.
  • Bayer reserves the right to audit all claims.
  • Bayer reserves the right to change any or all features of the Liberty Weed Control Guarantee.

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