S.T.O.P weeds with Liberty

Growers who choose seeds with the LibertyLink® trait get a powerful built-in tolerance to Liberty® herbicide. This combination is the pre-eminent weed management system for tough-to-control weeds and proper application is essential to ensure the highest level of effectiveness. Watch our video for easy-to-follow application tips and S.T.O.P. weeds with Liberty.

Liberty S.T.O.P. Application Guidelines for Maximum Control


Liberty in the Field

The battle with tough-to-control and resistant weeds rages on. Learn how cotton growers, Bill Luckett and Joe Posey, are using a simply better tactic. They’ve chosen seeds with the GlyTol® LibertyLink traits for powerful built-in tolerance to Liberty herbicide. Watch Bill Luckett and Joe Posey’s testimonials below to see how it’s working.

Bill Luckett

Joe Posey

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