Product Information

Calypso® 4 flowable insecticide provides pome fruit growerswith a powerful and flexible tool that is ideal for controllingthe most troublesome insects, including codling moth,aphids, Psylla spp. and many others. In addition to broadspectrumpest control, Calypso offers excellent planttolerance, application flexibility and compatibility withIntegrated Pest Management (IPM) and resistancemanagement programs. Best of all, Calypso provides longlastingcontrol of key primary and secondary pests in pomefruit.

Calypso is highly active against all stages of codling mothincluding ovicidal activity and fast, effective control of younginstar larvae and limited adult activity. To cover alldevelopment stages, applications should be made at thebeginning of egg laying and into peak egg hatch.

Key Benefits

  • Proven effective against all stages of codling moth with ovicidal activity, fast and effective control of young instar larvae and limited adult activity
  • Broad-spectrum control with fast knockdown of target insects
  • Easy on pollinators and beneficial insects
  • Long residual
  • Low use rates
  • Flexible application timing
  • 12-hour re-entry and 30-day pre-harvest intervals
  • Translaminar action within leaf
  • Good fit in IPM programs
  • Fewer export concerns - the active ingredient is registered worldwide in many crops

Key Pests

  • Moth, Codling
  • Psylla, Pear
  • Aphid

Registered Crops

  • Pome Fruits

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