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The instructions for use and mixing described below are from the Environmental Protection Agency approved Federal Label. Please click on 'Labels / MSDS' in the left hand navigation for special or state label instructions. Always read and follow label instructions.

Calypso 4 Flowable Insecticide

IMPORTANT: Test compatibility of the intended tank mixture before adding Calypso 4 Flowable Insecticide to the spray or mix tank. Add proportionate amounts of each ingredient in the appropriate order, to a pint or quart jar, cap, shake for 5 minutes, and let set for 5 minutes. Poor mixing or formation of precipitates that do not readily redisperse indicates an incompatible mixture that should not be used. For further information, contact your local Bayer CropScience representative.
Reentry PPE
PPE required for early entry to treated areas that is permitted under the Worker Protection Standard and that involves contact with anything that has been treated, such as plants, soil, or water, is coveralls, shoes and socks, and chemical resistant gloves (such as or made out of any waterproof material, selection category A).
PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE)Mixers, Loaders, Applicators and other handlers must wear long-sleeved shirt and long pants, shoes and socks, and chemical-resistant gloves (such as or made out of any waterproof material, selection category A). Discard clothing and other absorbent materials that have been drenched or heavily contaminated with this products concentrate. Do not reuse them. Follow manufacturers instructions for cleaning/maintaining PPE. If no such instructions for washables exist, use detergent and hot water. Keep and wash PPE separately from other laundry.
MIXING INSTRUCTIONSTo prepare the spray, add a portion of the required amount of water to the spray tank and with agitation add Calypso 4 Flowable Insecticide. Complete filling tank with balance of water needed. Maintain sufficient agitation during both mixing and application.Calypso 4 Flowable Insecticide may also be used with other pesticides and/or fertilizer solutions as recommended under specific crop use directions (see NOTE below). When tank mixtures of Calypso 4 Flowable Insecticide and other pesticides are involved, prepare the tank mixture as recommended above. When pesticide mixtures are needed, add wettable powders first, Calypso 4 Flowable Insecticide, or other flowables second, and emulsifiable concentrates last. Ensure good agitation as each component is added. Do not add the second component in the mixture until the tank contains at least 1/2 of desired amount of water. If a fertilizer solution is added, a fertilizer pesticide compatibility agent may be needed. Maintain constant agitation during both mixing and application to ensure uniformity of spray mixture.
Always read and follow label instructions. Not all products are registered for use in every state. Please check with Bayer or your local Lead State Agency for product registration status. If you wish to find out if a product is registered in your state or for additional product information, send us an email or call 1-866-99-BAYER.

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