Velum One

A novel nematode solution for higher quality and yield

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Product Information

Velum® One is a new nematicide with fungicidal activity for use on tree nuts, fruiting vegetables, strawberries, brassicas and cucurbits. Velum One manages a wide spectrum of yield-robbing nematodes and brings wide spectrum, long lasting nematode control to California and Arizona growers.

Velum® One contains an active ingredient that works to combat nematodes and damaging diseases. It moves from roots to leaves, not only suppressing nematodes below ground but also throughout the plant to help protect root health, suppress key diseases and maximize yield potential.

Key Benefits

  • Root health protection to help establish the crop
  • Increased yield
  • Wide-spectrum nematicidal activity
  • Suppression of Key diseases such as Powdery mildew
  • Ease of application: drip chemigation

Key Pests Suppressed:

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