Velum Prime

A novel nematode solution for higher quality and yield

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Product Information

Velum® Prime is an innovative, non-fumigant nematicide with disease-management benefits. Registered for application early in the potato-growing season, via overhead chemigation, Velum Prime offers growers protection from nematodes and diseases. This protection helps sustain high plant vigor and maximize crop yield potential.

Key Benefits

  • Increased Yields – Due to nematode suppression, protects root health to help establish the crop, leading to increased ROI and maximum yield and quality.
  • Nematicidal Activity – Known to suppress root-knot, cyst, and other endo- and ecto-parasitic nematodes.
  • Disease Suppression – Systemic movement effectively suppresses some soil and foliar diseases, including early blight and white mold.
  • Easy Application – Applied through overhead chemigation.
  • Can be part of an effective nematode management program

Key Pests and Diseases Suppressed

Velum Prime

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