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COPeO® Prime is a new seed treatment for cotton that contributes to higher yields under nematode pressure, bringing a new mode of action to the cottonseed treatment market.  Exclusively available on Stoneville® and FiberMax® varieties.

  • COPeO Prime delivers additional yield potential to both susceptible and nematode-tolerant seed varieties, making it a good fit for any nematode management program.
  • For even higher yield potential COPeO Prime can be paired with Aeris® insecticide/nematicide treatment, or with soil-applied technologies like Velum® Total.

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COPeO™ Prime + Aeris® +  Base Fungicide

copeo prime and aeris comparisons 

Key Benefits

  • Protection from economically significant nematodes including reniform and root-knot nematodes.
  • Healthier roots and plants for higher yield potential.
  • Increased yield potential both with and without the use of other nematode control measures.
  • COPeO® Prime delivers superior protection where it matters most – at the roots. Even 40 days after planting, the active ingredient can still be found in the roots.
nematode control measures

Key Pests

Nematodes and Seedling Diseases: Leading Cotton Yield Robbers

Yield loss to nematodes is more than double the estimated yield loss to seedling diseases, such as Rhizoctonia, Pythium and Thielaviopsis

  • Recent yield losses to nematodes across the Cotton Belt have totaled more than 870,000 bales, which equates to over five percent total yield loss.
  • The majority of losses were from reniform and root-knot nematodes, which can be found across the entire Cotton Belt.
  • Nematode feeding disrupts the plant’s vascular system, decreasing its ability to absorb water and nutrients, causing stunting and wilting.
  • Root-knot nematodes also reproduce on corn, soybean and sorghum, making rotation an incomplete solution.

Learn more about the yield-robbing effect of nematodes and how to determine if they are in your field with our Nematode Sampling Guide.

yield loss to cotton pests

Source: National nematode yield losses on cotton, 2014

COPeO Prime

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