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The results are clear – ILeVO® leads to greater soybean yields.
ILeVO is the first seed treatment product for soybeans that offers protection against Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and nematodes in the seed zone throughout the critical growing period.

  • 2015 trials showed an overall ILeVO yield benefit of 3.7 bu/A
  • An average yield benefit of 6.5 bu/A for soybeans treated with ILeVO was observed in 33 trials with above ground symptoms of SDS
  • Trials with little or no above ground symptoms showed an average benefit of 2.9 bu/A

ILeVO protects against early-season infection, so your plants will be healthier and perform better, even in the absence of foliar SDS symptoms. Once the soilborne fungus causing SDS is present in a field, it does not go away and can be spread by soil movement to neighboring fields.

For the best in soybean protection, pair ILeVO with Poncho®/VOTiVO® for unmatched control of the SDS fungus, nematodes and insects.

Key Benefits

  • Increased yields – Trials show yields are 2-10 bushels per acre higher when ILeVO is used, depending on nematode pressure and SDS incidence or severity.
  • Activity against SDS and SCN – SDS and Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) are two of the top yield robbers in soybean production. ILeVO kills all nematode species in the seed zone.
  • Early plant protection – Because seeds are protected from the time they’re put into the ground, they can be planted earlier in the season.
  • Increased plant performance – ILeVO has been proven to help produce stronger, healthier plants, even in the absence of foliar symptoms of SDS.

Key Pests

  • Sudden death syndrome (Fusarium viguliforme)
  • Soilborne nematodes
    • Soybean cyst nematodes (Heterodera glycines)
    • Root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne incognita)
    • Reniform nematodes (Rotylenchulus reniformis)
    • Root lesion nematodes (Pratylenchus spp.)
    • Lance nematodes (Hoplolaimus spp.)

Registered Crops

  • Soybeans

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