Poncho/VOTiVO + ILeVO

America’s No. 1 seed treatment, Poncho/VOTiVO, is now available with the only seed treatment available to control Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) with activity against nematodes, ILeVO. The result is the broadest-spectrum early development protection available so growers have fewer worries on their mind and can focus on growing their operation.

The triple-action protection of Poncho/VOTiVO + ILeVO protects young soybean plants against early-season disease, insects and nematodes, providing a stronger agronomic start to the season for greater yield and profit potential at harvest.

Proven Results

  • Field trials show that when Poncho/VOTiVO + ILeVO is used, farmers can expect yield increases of 4-10 bu./acre over the seed-applied fungicide and insecticide control
  • Performance in 2015
    • Plant populations with ILeVO were 99.8% of the base fungicide & insecticide seed treatment across 151 head to head comparisons.
    • Yield benefit of 6.5 bu./acre was observed with above ground symptoms of SDS averaged across 33 trials.
    • Yield benefit of 2.9 bu./acre was observed with little or no above ground symptoms of SDS averaged across 95 trials.
  • Poncho/VOTiVO + ILeVO out-yielded Clariva Complete Beans + Mertect 340-F by 5 bu./acre across 54 university trials.

Triple-Action Protection

From the time of planting, Poncho/VOTiVO + ILeVO works to provide unmatched root and plant protection.

  • Poncho/VOTiVO Advantages
    • Creates a living barrier that prevents nematode strikes
    • A systemic mode of action protects the entire plant during early development, supporting healthier plant establishment
  • ILeVO Advantages
    • The only seed treatment solution for SDS that has activity against nematodes
    • Controls Fusarium root rot at the initial infection site before symptoms become visible
    • Kills all nematodes in the seed zone, including SCN, by disrupting nematode respiration
Poncho/VOTiVO + ILeVo for Triple Action Protection
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SDS and SCN: Leading Soybean Yield Robbers

SDS and Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) are today’s leading soybean yield robbers, accounting for the loss of over 186 million bushels in 2014.
  • SCN can cause yield losses of up to 30% without any visual signs of a problem
  • SDS and SCN have been documented in almost every state where soybeans are grown
  • SDS and SCN can survive and overwinter, and once in a field, they stay there

Learn more about the yield-robbing effect of nematodes and how to determine if they are in your field with our Nematode Sampling Guide.

Yield Loss
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