What is Poncho®/VOTiVO?

Poncho/VOTiVO is a seed-applied product that combines proven early season insect control with protection from a broad range of nematodes in corn, soybeans, cotton and sorghum. The Poncho/VOTiVO active ingredient is clothianidin. It provides a biological mode of action that provides revolutionary living-barrier science. See Poncho/VOTiVO for more information.

What pests does Poncho/VOTiVO control?

In corn, Poncho/VOTiVO is labeled for protection against many important early season corn pests, including:

  • black cutworms
  • wireworms
  • grape colaspis
  • white grubs
  • chinch bugs
  • first and second generation nematodes

In soybeans, Poncho/VOTiVO delivers protection against:

  • first and second generation nematodes
  • early season aphids
  • over-wintering bean leaf beetles
  • seed corn maggots

In cotton, Poncho/VOTiVO provides protection against:

  • cutworms
  • a broad range of nematodes

In sorghum, Poncho/VOTiVO provides protection against:

  • chinch-bugs
  • aphids including sugar-cane aphids
  • first & second generation of nematodes

How does Poncho/VOTiVO protect plants against nematodes?

The bacteria in Poncho/VOTiVO are applied directly to the seed, and once the seed is planted and the environment is favorable for seed germination, the bacteria begin to grow and multiply. These bacteria continue to increase in number side-by-side with the developing root, growing with the plant to protect roots from nematode damage during the critical stage of plant establishment. The bacteria compete with nematodes for space and food resources. The Poncho/VOTiVO bacteria form a protective barrier around the young root in the rhizosphere (root zone) of the soil. The bacteria use root exudates, a food source for nematodes, as well as a means that nematodes use to find plant roots. Fewer nematodes therefore reach the root surface, and some even die from lack of nutrients. Poncho/VOTiVO does not directly kill nematodes, but it renders many of them ineffective.

Does Poncho/VOTiVO provide any disease protection?

Poncho/VOTiVO decreases nematode damage to roots that can lead to disease. Nematodes feed by piercing root tissue with sharp mouth parts called stylets. The ensuing punctures serve as points of entry for several significant plant pathogens that cause seedling diseases. Soil insect feeding also damages young root tissue causing openings that other soilborne pests use as a means to establish infections.

Are nematodes a problem in corn?

Nematodes can cause 30 percent crop losses in corn without exhibiting any above-ground symptoms. There are several species of plant pathogenic nematodes that can be found in corn, including needle, root-lesion, lance, dagger, stubby root, sting, spiral, root-knot, and stunt. Depending on type and severity of infestation, nematodes can cause stunting, chlorosis, root decay, and other damage.

What yield benefits does Poncho/VOTiVO provide?

Poncho/VOTiVO has grown to become the most trusted and the most utilized seed treatment in the US, showing a consistent 10 bu/A advantage in corn fields over seed treated with a fungicide treatment. Even higher yields were seen in areas that have economically significant nematode populations. In more than 100 head-to-head soybean trials conducted over the past year, Poncho/VOTiVO produced a consistent average of 2.5 bu/A more than seed treated with a fungicide system. See trial data for corn and soybeans.

I’ve used Poncho on my corn – how does it perform on soybeans?

Poncho/VOTiVO brings to soybeans the trusted and reliable insect control of Poncho. The formulation delivers the rate of Poncho required to control many early-season insect pests, such as aphids, bean leaf beetles, grape colaspis, seed corn maggots and wireworms. Poncho is now available for soybeans in combination with VOTiVO and delivers 3 more bu/A over 75% of the time compared to soybeans treated with a standard fungicide. See Poncho/VOTiVO soybean trial data.

Beyond yield, what are the benefits of using Poncho/VOTiVO?

Poncho/VOTiVO increases root development resulting in healthier and more vigorous plants. It has been shown to increase stands when compared to the untreated seed. A larger root system often results in enhanced water and nutrient uptake, resulting in increased yields.

Is Poncho/VOTiVO safe to the seed, including carryover seed?

The germination of seed treated with Poncho/VOTiVO has been evaluated in the field and in the laboratory using industry-standard germination tests. These studies show Poncho/VOTiVO has no impact on germination speed or counts. Storability tests reveal no concerns when carrying seed treated the previous year with Poncho/VOTiVO.  Storability tests have shown no concerns when carrying over seed treated the previous year with Poncho/VOTiVO.

Will Poncho/VOTiVO be effective in all soil types and in environments with various temperatures and moisture levels?

Poncho/VOTiVO has been shown to provide benefits on multiple seed types, including soybean, corn and cotton. Yield benefits have been seen across a wide range of environments that includes all different types of soil. While moisture is needed to induce the spore of Poncho/VOTiVO to germinate, if there is enough moisture for a seed to germinate and grow, then there is adequate moisture for the bacteria to begin to multiply. The bacteria of Poncho/VOTiVO can grow across a wide temperature range.

How quickly does Poncho/VOTiVO start working?

The bacteria in Poncho/VOTiVO protect plants from the first day onward. As soon as the seed germinates, the bacteria multiply exponentially, covering roots and protecting plants from nematode damage. The insecticide component(s) also offers fast-acting, long-lasting insect control.

How long does the protection last?

Poncho/VOTiVO provides protection through the critical time of plant development—seed germination, seedling emergence and the establishment of the plant’s production potential. Research shows the VOTiVO bacteria on the roots and in the rhizosphere 60+ days following seed germination. Unlike traditional nematicides, which begin to break down immediately, Poncho/VOTiVO keeps deterring nematodes from attacking the plant’s root system through the first two generations of nematodes.

Do the bacteria in Poncho/VOTiVO carry over in the soil from year to year?

While the bacteria live and grow in the soil, they are not able to survive on dead plant tissue for very long. Therefore, an acre of treated seed will not result in a sustained population of bacteria from one season to the next.

What are some of the benefits of seed treatments?

Crop Science is the global leader in seed treatments, delivering the latest seed-applied solutions to market and helping growers maximize their seed investment and improve per-acre profits. Seed treatments provide several important benefits. For agricultural workers, seed treatment technology can mean decreased worker exposure. For the environment, seed treatment technology means a lower potential for water residue. For “non-target” species, seed treatment technology means reduced exposure. For consumers, seed treatment technology means lower food residues.

Can I pair Poncho/VOTiVO with other seed treatments?

Yes. In soybeans, Poncho/VOTiVO + ILeVO provides benefits for Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) and Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) with effective broad-spectrum nematode protection through two distinct modes of action.  Learn more about Poncho/VOTiVO + ILeVO for triple-action protection against insects, nematodes and SDS.

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