The Promise of Prevention.

VOTiVO lives and grows with the plant’s root system

The Proof is in the Yield.

VOTiVO delivers a positive return on investment

The Promise of Prevention.

Protect your seed investment from nematode damage

VOTiVO is different from any nematode product on the market. VOTiVO bacteria are known as “root colonizing” bacteria. Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) work by enhancing a plant’s rhizosphere, or the area immediately surrounding plant roots, and are responsible for creating conditions favorable to the plant’s growth. VOTiVO contains a naturally occurring soil bacteria, or rhizobacteria, that live and grow with the plant’s root system. The bacteria multiply exponentially creating a film that becomes a living barrier that occupies space and limits the number of receptor sites which could otherwise be occupied by plant pathogens such as nematodes. Nematodes use gaseous and solid exudates from the root as means to detect a root’s proximity, so reduced levels of exudates can decrease the ability of the nematodes to locate the receptor sites on the roots. The bacteria further reduce viable nematode populations by consuming exudates, depriving nematodes of an additional source of energy and nutrients. This competition deprives the nematodes of access to the root, inhibiting their ability to thrive and reproduce. Without a food source, the nematodes seek out an alternate plant host or eventually die of starvation.

VOTiVO is the first nematode product to create a living barrier of prevention.

Replicated field trials have proven the potential of VOTiVO. VOTiVO delivers a positive return on investment. In 2007 and 2008 Crop Science conducted field trials on corn during which VOTiVO added an extra 4-5 bushels on top of the yield increase from Poncho. In multiple soybean trials, VOTiVO added an average 1.5 bushels per acre on top of the yield benefits of Trilex 6000. Cotton field trials produced similar results, as treatments with VOTiVO and Aeris produced 86 pounds per acre more than Aeris alone.

Across multiple crops under pressure from different types of nematodes, VOTiVO delivers consistent yield increases.

The results are unmistakable – VOTiVO offers the most revolutionary, complete nematode prevention on the seed. By protecting plants through their critical developmental stages, VOTiVO prevents a broad range of nematodes from damaging the vital root system. Being on the seed, VOTiVO fits easily into any Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan, even among crops with nematode resistance built into their genetics. It’s safe to the seed and has an excellent product safety profile. VOTiVO is very stable in the formulation, on the seed and in the root zone. The ultimate benefit is clear—VOTiVO protects a grower’s seed investment by preventing nematode damage, and increasing crop vigor, stands and yield.

VOTiVO offers the most revolutionary, complete nematode prevention on the seed

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