Economic Information

Return on Investment

Value Created with Grower to Maximize Yield Potential


Grower Value Proposition on Poncho® 500 at $4.00 Corn Prices

Value Creation

Improved Yield 1 : 10 bu/A
Commodity Price: $4.00/bu
Value Created: $40.00/A

Suggested Grower Pricing

Per Acre Poncho 500 Cost 2 : $12.60

Grower Return on Investment: 3.2 to 1


1 Crop Science average yield results over fungicide base
2 Crop Science estimate based on planting rate of 30,000 seeds per acre


Poncho 250, Poncho 500 and Poncho 1250 are the 0.25 mg AI/kernel, 0.50 mg AI/kernel and 1.25 mg AI/kernel application rates (respectively) of Poncho 600 seed-applied insecticide.

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