Why use Poncho® 500 rather than Poncho 250?

Trials have demonstrated the benefit of using a higher rate of Poncho. Compared to Poncho 250, these benefits are improved control of wireworm, black cutworm and other insects, resulting in higher yield potential and a stronger return-on-investment. And, with higher seed costs, corn growers have even more to protect.

Will Poncho 500 replace Poncho 250?

Poncho 500 is the third rate for the Poncho brand, joining Poncho 250 and Poncho 1250. However, by applying more Poncho to the seed it delivers more protection than Poncho 250, which results in higher yield potential.

What equipment is required to treat seed with Poncho 500?

Standard treating equipment used to apply Poncho 250 can be utilized to apply Poncho 500. Product may be mixed in slurry or applied "neat" through a static mixer.

Are there carryover concerns with seed treated with Poncho 500 that is not sold?

Poncho 500-treated seed shows germination values similar to Poncho 250-treated seed. Germination data of several varieties treated with Poncho 500 stored for 18 months, following storage of seed in cool, temperature-controlled environments, show no change in germination values.
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