Poncho 500

More Protection = More Yield

Poncho® 500 provides easy-to-use, economical protection from early season insects, with even better performance than Poncho 250. So choose Poncho 500 to protect your seed investment, and start maximizing your potential vigor, stands and yield.

  • Apply higher powered Poncho 500 to improve early season seed and seedling protection from damage caused by wireworm, black cutworm and other early season insect pests.
  • Field tests show that Poncho 500-treated seed produced nearly 500 more plants per acre than Poncho 250, even when Aztec® insecticide was applied with all treatments.
  • Current data shows that Poncho 500 on CRW-trait corn delivers 10 bu/A more yield on average than a seed-applied fungicide base.
  • Poncho 500 uses the same coating and can be applied with the same treating equipment as Poncho 250.
  • Poncho 500 is safe to the seed with no concern about carryover seed.
  • With a 10 bu/A yield increase and current $4 per bushel commodity price, Poncho 500 provides an excellent return on investment.

More of What You Want:

Less of What You Don't:


Poncho 250, Poncho 500 and Poncho 1250 are the 0.25 mg AI/kernel, 0.50 mg AI/kernel and 1.25 mg AI/kernel application rates (respectively) of Poncho 600 seed-applied insecticide.

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