Poncho for Sorghum

Broad-Spectrum, Systemic Insecticide for Protection Against Tough Sorghum Pests

Poncho® 600 seed-applied insecticide from Crop Science systemically protects grain sorghum seed and seedlings from a broad spectrum of early season insect pests. Poncho provides protection from damage caused by chinch bugs, greenbugs, corn leaf aphids, yellow sugarcane aphids, English grain aphids and other insect pests that feed on plant juices or inject toxins into leaf tissue. Poncho also prevents early season wireworms from damaging planted seed and protects sorghum seedlings from black cutworms that feed on tender young roots and stems. Field trials conducted in Oklahoma and Texas show that Poncho consistently reduces populations of insect pests, improves plant stands and increases sorghum yield. After four years of field testing, Poncho averages 16 bu/A more sorghum than untreated fields.

Target Pests

  • Aphids (including greenbug, yellow sugarcane aphid, corn leaf aphid and English grain aphid)
  • Black granulate cutworm
  • Chinch bugs
  • White grubs

Advantages of Poncho on Sorghum

  • Systemic and contact activity provides protection from damage by most sorghum insect pests.
  • Improves plant stands and increases seedling vigor.
  • Yields increase when using Poncho-treated seed compared to untreated.
  • Low use rate of just 5.1 fl oz per 100 lb of seed.
  • No chemical container disposal or special equipment needed.
  • Poncho is a non-restricted use insecticide.
  • Can be combined with fungicides on the seed; there are no known interactions with herbicides. Always consult all labels for all products prior to mixing.
  • Poncho insecticide is applied by the commercial seed conditioner, then delivered to the farm... on the seed, Rate 5.1 fl oz per 100 lb seed in the bag.

Poncho is not registered for sale or use in all states. Please consult the product label for details prior to use.

CSi Safener 500 FS application guidelines for sorghum

Recommended Addition Order

  1. 80% of water
  2. Poncho® 600 seed-applied insecticide
  3. Pro-Ized® Red Colorant
  4. Vortex® FS seed-treatment fungicide
  5. Allegiance® FL seed-treatment fungicide
  6. CSI™ Safener 500 FS
  7. Precise Seed Finisher® 1009
  8. Water, remaining balance

The seed treatment-friendly flowable formulation technology of Crop Safety Innovation (CSI) Safener mixes well with other Crop Science seed treatment products and has been tested for compatibility with Gustafson Seed Treatment Equipment Flow Meter Technology. As with any slurry, it is preferred that it be used immediately after it is prepared. If the slurry is left standing, it should be agitated continuously or thoroughly re-mixed prior to use.

Recommended Slurry Rates

Slurry rate will vary with the seed treatment application equipment used. A typical guideline of approximately 12 fl oz/cwt to 14 fl oz/cwt is suggested.

Benefits of Precise Seed Finisher 1009

  • Plantability – improved seed drop accuracy and reduced planter plate buildup
  • Dust-off – improved treatment retention
  • Seed safety tested
  • Improved freshly treated seed flowability and reduced seed treater buildup in plant handling

Always read and follow label instructions. Not all products are registered for use in every state. Please check with Crop Science or your local Lead State Agency for product registration status. If you wish to find out
if a product is registered in your state or for additional product information, send us an email or call

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