Success Stories

“In our testing of Poncho 500*, we’ve seen an average 8-10 bu/A over Poncho 250. Value-wise, we’re seeing 1,000 more plants per acre and enhanced insect protection, especially with wireworms. That’s why Merschman’s was one of the first seed companies to adopt Poncho 500. Anything that minimizes stress will enhance yield, which is exactly the purpose of the product.”

Skip Long
West Point, IA
Merschman Seeds

“Poncho 500 is the ultimate in insect protection, added yield and emergence under cold conditions. We’ve been in business for 75 years and have always offered 100 percent free replant. Poncho 500 is the product we choose—we need that confidence knowing we furnish replant costs. ”

Tom Burrus
Arenzville, IL
Burrus Seeds

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