Maximize Soybean Yield

University research shows that you can increase soybean yields significantly through variety selection and proactive crop management. We can help. From planting to harvest, Bayer Credenz® soybean products take you through four critical steps to maximize yield and profitability – Plan, Prepare, Protect and Succeed. Here’s how you can unlock the potential of your soybean fields.

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At the heart of every successful season is a well-laid plan. We offer a wide range of Credenz varieties made with smart genetics providing you with state-of-the-art breeding, varieties tailored to your field conditions and herbicide-tolerant traits along with ongoing innovative advancements to help you PLAN the most well-equipped foundation for whatever comes your way this season.
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Thousands of factors can jeopardize the establishment and emergence of healthy, young soybean plants. In addition to our varieties’ built-in defense packages, Bayer SeedGrowth™ seed treatments offer the best-in-class protection to PREPARE your crop for a strong early season.

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You never know what weather conditions you’ll face, so controlling the other conditions surrounding your crop as much as possible is vital. We help PROTECT crops against diseases, insects and weeds so they aren’t robbed of nutrients and yield potential.

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A healthy crop is the result of many critical decisions and inputs. We help you deliver the best for your fields every step of the way, ensuring smarter soybean production to help you SUCCEED.

You can count on our team during the 2018 growing season to help you unlock the full potential of your fields with the right tool, management practices and support – all backed by Bayer.



Your Plan Begins with the Right Variety Selection

The first critical step is choosing the right soybean varieties for your farm. Characteristics to consider in selecting your soybean varieties include maturity, trait package, yield potential, standability and disease and pest resistance.

Here are some helpful tips as you begin the process of choosing your varieties
for the upcoming crop year:

  • Evaluate your fields and make note of what worked and what didn’t in the previous year
  • Review company and third-party yield trials
  • Be sure the varieties you select fit well with your cultural practices
  • Choose traits and defensive packages that address the issues unique to your fields
  • Factor in the challenges missed weeds may have caused in your fields

Consider the weed pressures you encountered last season. Evaluate whether missed weeds last season may be herbicide-resistant and try a new strategy like the LibertyLink® system to treat those missed or resistant weeds in the upcoming season.


Get Real Yields with the LibertyLink® System

The LibertyLink® system combines the high-performing LibertyLink trait with the power of Liberty® herbicide for PROVEN excellent yield performance, superior weed control, application convenience and peace of mind.

LibertyLink Advantages

  • High-performing genetics, protected by superior weed control to reduce drain on yield
  • The ONLY working nonselective herbicide effective on tough-to-control and resistant grasses and broadleaf weeds.*
  • No known resistance in soybean crops.
  • Unique site of action (Group 10), unlike any other active ingredient on the market.*
  • Superior performance on PPO-resistant weeds compared to dicamba.
  • Low-risk and nonvolatile chemistry with no buffer restrictions, less risk of off-target movement, rainfast in four hours and proven crop safety with over 100 compatible tankmix partners.
*The active ingredient in Liberty is a Group 10 herbicide, which is the only broad-spectrum herbicide that effectively controls grasses and broadleaf weeds, and it has no known resistance in U.S. broadacre crops.


Prepare for a Strong Season

Make the most of your soybean seed investment by preparing your seeds for strong early-season growth. Research shows growers can enhance seed emergence and vigor through the use of seed treatments.

In fact, soybean seed treatment has risen during the last several years as growers see how effective seed treatments can be in controlling early yield threats, resulting in a healthier, more vigorous crop and increased profit potential. When the proper seed treatments are used, soybeans may be less susceptible to costly pests such as insects, nematodes like Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN), and diseases like Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS)Rhizoctonia seedling disease and more.

EverGol Energy SB

Soybean seeds treated with EverGol® Energy SB emerge quicker and grow faster, resulting in consistently better final crop establishment, the prerequisite for higher yields. This provides your beans with protection from seed, seedling and soil-borne diseases caused by Rhizoctonia solaniFusarium spp., Pythium spp. and Phomopsis spp. on soybeans.

EverGol® Energy SB Advantages

  • Three distinctive modes of action that protect against a broad spectrum of fungal plant pathogens
  • Systemic properties protect the soybean seedling as well as the seed
  • Fast, reliable and uniform early emergence resulting in better plant stands under disease pressure
  • Vigorous plants, leading to a more efficient use of water and soil nutrients


Poncho®/VOTiVO® seed treatment protects young plants from pests during the critical early development stages, leading to healthier root development and improved vigor. Poncho/VOTiVO is a powerful seed treatment for your soybean crop that prevents damage before pests can strike.

Poncho/VOTiVO Advantages

  • Systemic agent provides insect protection for valuable seed from the moment of planting
  • Biological agent creates a living barrier of protection against a wide range of nematodes, including soybean cyst nematode, root-knot, root-lesion, reniform and needle nematodes
  • Promotes healthier root systems for a more vigorous and uniform crop


ILeVO®, the only seed treatment product that protects against Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and nematodes, including Soybean Cyst Nematodes (SCN), in the seed zone throughout the critical growing period.

ILeVO® Advantages

  • The only product proven to control both the root rot phase of SDS as well as subsequent foliar symptoms
  • Effective protection against all species of plant-parasitic nematodes in the seed zone
  • Increased yields – trials show yields are 2-10 bu./A higher when ILeVO is used, depending on nematode pressure and SDS incidence or severity
  • Early plant protection – because seeds are protected from SDS root rot infection early in the season, there’s no need to delay planting
  • Increased plant performance – ILeVO has shown positive yield response even in the absence of foliar symptoms by controlling root rot infection


Protect Your Soybean Plants All Season

Getting your soybean crop off to a good start with the right varieties and seed treatments is just part of a successful soybean management strategy. Weeds, insects and diseases can all develop and challenge your yield potential.

Weed Control

Weeds compete vigorously with soybeans because they germinate and emerge at the same time and seek the same nutrients, sunlight and water. Weed control must occur within three or four weeks after emergence to prevent yield losses from early weeds.

chart shows soybean yield reduction based on weight

Disease Control

Frogeye leaf spot, Asian soybean rustwhite mold and brown spot cumulatively can steal 80 million bushels each year nationwide.*

Pest Control

Damaging pests such as bean leaf beetles, stink bugs, soybean aphids and worms pose another risk to your yield while green stem syndrome, often associated with these pests, can reduce yield by causing pods to abort and then clog your combine at harvest.

To maximize yield potential, protect your soybean plants all season long. Our products help you stay one step ahead of the rapidly changing pest environment by implementing an overall Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.

* “Estimates of Soybean Yield Reductions Caused by Diseases in the United States,” United Soybean Board.


The soybean weed control landscape is changing as growers recognize the yield-reducing effect both tough-to-control and resistant weeds have on their crops. Since 2015, glyphosate-resistant acreage expanded by 13 million acres, with total infested acreage in the U.S. reported at 104 million acres.* As herbicide resistance continues to increase, it’s even more important for growers to steward the remaining effective chemistries.

Liberty® herbicide provides 98% control of a broad spectrum of grasses and broadleaf weeds, making it an excellent tool for combating those tough-to-control and resistant weeds including driver weeds like Palmer amaranth, waterhemp and marestail. Use the S.T.O.P. Weeds with Liberty application guidelines for maximum control.

*As reported by Stratus Ag Research, Glyphosate Resistance Tracking: USA 2016.

Liberty® Advantages

  • The ONLY working nonselective herbicide that is effective on tough-to-control and resistant broadleaf weeds and grasses
  • Unique site of action (Group 10), unlike any other active ingredient on the market*
  • No known resistance in row crops
  • Superior performance on PPO-resistant weeds compared to dicamba
  • No buffer restrictions
  • Less risk of off-target movement
  • Rainfast in four hours
  • Proven crop-safe with over 100 compatible tankmix partners
*The active ingredient in Liberty is a Group 10 herbicide, which is the only broad-spectrum herbicide that effectively controls grasses and broadleaf weeds, and it has no known resistance in U.S. broadacre crops.

Leverage 360

Get full-circle protection with Leverage® 360, an enhanced formulation that combines two modes of action (Groups 3 and 4A) to protect your soybeans against damaging, yield-reducing pests.

Leverage® 360 Advantages

  • Two trusted modes of action for fast knockdown and residual protection against soybean aphids, bean leaf beetles and Japanese beetles
  • Contact and translaminar activity to cover even the underside of leaves for more complete control of pests
  • Stress Shield®  protection safeguards plants from both biotic and abiotic environmental stresses, helping plants stay vigorous for bigger yields

Stratego YLD

To fight important fungal diseases in soybeans like Frogeye leaf spot, Septoria brown spot and Asian soybean rust, treat your fields with Stratego® YLD fungicide for healthier soybean plants and a high yield potential

Stratego® YLD Advantages

  • Combines a top-performing strobilurin with the most advanced triazole technology for resistance management
  • Increases plant stress tolerance and keeps plants healthier for greater yield potential
  • Compatible with most crop protection products and adjuvants for ease in handling, storing and tankmixing
  • Provides up to 21 days of residual activity due to its retention and redistribution properties


On soybean fields at risk of white mold, apply Proline® fungicide at the R1 stage (first flower) before the closing of the canopy. Applying a second application of Steatego® YLD at the R3 stage produces better results.

Proline® Advantages

  • The latest highly effective triazole-active ingredient for proactive resistance management
  • Compatible with most insecticides and herbicides
  • Effective suppression of Sclerotinia stem rot, commonly called White mold


A Smarter Breed of Soybean – Now and in the Future

Helping your operations SUCCEED is at the heart of soybean portfolio from Bayer.

Our worldwide team of brings expertise in seed breeding, traits and crop protection to improve and expand our soybean portfolio. Together, these ongoing innovations will allow us to deliver the right genetic characteristics and superior protection for a smarter soybean to ensure higher profitability. Through our agronomic experts, technologies and products, Bayer is here to meet the evolving needs of our growers and their communities for today and tomorrow.

Ongoing Advancement and Innovation

Seed Breeding

Credenz® with smart genetics is more than just a soybean seed – it’s the start of integrating the best soybean technologies and tailored characteristics to set a sound foundation for your soybean fields today and to help revolutionize U.S. soybean production for many years to come.

Our best-in-class soybean breeding program leverages a wide variety of techniques to build better Credenz soybeans through molecular-assisted breeding, computational biology, genetic modification, traditional breeding and field testing.

Herbicide-Tolerant Traits

We are constantly searching for new ways to combat tough weeds and pests so that growers are able to produce more plentiful harvests. As part of that mission, we are working with partners to deliver the best biotechnologies science has to offer, including a new soybean-stacked trait. 

Balance GT

The Balance™ GT Soybean Performance System* will combine industry-leading elite genetics and a double herbicide-tolerant trait stack which will feature tolerance to both glyphosate and Balance® Bean.

Advantages of Balance GT

  • Developed using high-yielding, elite germplasm and demonstrated superior performance
  • Will feature tolerance to both Balance Bean and glyphosate herbicides and can be used in burndown or pre-emergent applications
  • Will provide long-lasting residual control with reactivation technology

Balance GT Featuring LibertyLink® Technology

The Balance™ GTLL* Soybean Performance System will couple high-yielding, elite genetics with three sites of herbicide action for broad-spectrum weed control. Balance GTLL soybeans will feature tolerance to glyphosate, Balance Bean and Liberty® herbicides.

icons demonstrate key benefits of reactivation technology

*Balance Bean is not yet registered for sale or use in the United States. Balance GTLL has not received all needed regulatory approvals. Components of the technology described here have not yet received regulatory approvals; approvals are pending. The information presented here is for educational use only and is not an offer for sale.

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