Variety Overview

Your Plan Begins with the Right Variety Selection

Choosing the right soybean varieties for your farm is critical to your success. Characteristics to consider in selecting your soybean varieties include maturity, trait package, yield potential, standability, disease and pest resistance.

Here are some helpful tips as you begin the process of choosing your varieties for the upcoming crop year:

  • Evaluate your fields and make note of what worked and what didn’t in the previous year
  • Review company and third-party yield trials
  • Be sure the varieties you select fit well with your cultural practices
  • Choose traits and defensive packages that address the issues unique to your fields
  • Factor in the challenges missed weeds may have caused in your fields

Consider the weed pressures you encountered last season. Evaluate whether missed weeds last season may be herbicide-resistant, and try a new strategy to treat those missed weeds in the upcoming season. If you didn’t experience missed weeds and are eager to continue the viability of the Roundup® system on your farm, consider stewarding your Roundup technology by rotating with the LibertyLink® system.

Discover the right seed variety for your fields with our Variety Selector Tool.


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