FiberMax Cotton

Quality Adds Market Edge

You have the genes for growing cotton. And with FiberMax®, your skills are complemented with seed featuring advanced genetics for premium fiber quality and higher yield potential. Just ask the 1,000-plus members of the FiberMax One Ton Club™. The added quality gives them an edge in the marketplace.

Key Benefits

  • Premium Quality. FiberMax consistently delivers high-quality lint cotton, which adds to a grower’s earning potential and increases market access.
  • High Yield. Growers who plant FiberMax varieties have high yield potential under irrigation and in dryland production.
  • Traited Pest Management. FiberMax varieties provide the traits growers need to manage pests effectively and conveniently.
    • Flexible weed management with LibertyLink® and GlyTol® traits, giving you weed control options that include Liberty®, a working nonselective herbicide that is effective on tough-to-control grasses and broadleaves.
    • Proven worm control with TwinLink®, powered by two Bt genes, and TwinLink Plus, powered by three Bt genes.

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