FiberMax Cotton

Quality Adds Market Edge

You have the genes for growing cotton. And with FiberMax®, your skills are complemented with seed featuring advanced genetics for premium fiber quality and higher yield potential. Just ask the 1,000-plus members of the FiberMax One Ton Club™. The added quality gives them an edge in the marketplace.

Key Benefits

  • Premium Quality. FiberMax consistently delivers high-quality lint cotton, which adds to a grower’s earning potential and increases market access.
  • High Yield. The FiberMax One Ton Club now includes 1,049 growers, all of whom qualified for membership by harvesting more than 2,000 pounds per acre on at least 20 acres planted to FiberMax.
  • Traited Pest Management.
    • Flexible weed management with LibertyLink® and GlyTol® traits, giving you weed control options that include Liberty®, a working nonselective herbicide that is effective on tough-to-control grasses and broadleaves.
    • Proven worm control with TwinLink®, powered by two Bt genes, and TwinLink Plus, powered by three Bt genes.

Get the FiberMax Advantage

FiberMax in your field is money in your bank. Read about the FiberMax advantage.

Yield Higher

Growers who plant FiberMax varieties have one-ton yield potential. More than 1,000 growers already belong to the FiberMax One Ton Club.

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