The Faces of FiberMax® are the Faces of Success

For many West Texas growers, success has been a combination of the skills they’ve learned and developed over the years complemented by the science of FiberMax® cotton seed. Read below to learn about the difference FiberMax has made in West Texas.

Matt Farmer and Garron Morgan

Matt Farmer and Garron Morgan
Lamesa, Texas

Making the most of their land to leave a legacy.

Garron and his father-in-law, Matt, primarily farm dryland, so they grow continuous cotton. Matt says it’s like the realtor’s location mantra: “You can grow cotton or cotton and then, if you want to, you can grow cotton.” But FiberMax has provided drought-tolerant water varieties that help them make the most of their land — and earn quality premiums.

Matt is a third-generation farmer and has passed along the art of growing cotton to Garron who has been farming about 6 years. Garron’s highest hope: to stay in business and leave a farm legacy for his children.



Landon Mires

Landon Mires
O’Donnell, Texas

Aiming for a century of success.

Perseverance best describes the Mires family. Their ancestors moved the farm from Bonham, Texas, to O’Donnell 94 years ago because of boll weevil pressure. The farm continues today with Landon and his father, Travis. They manage about 7,500 acres, planted to cotton, pumpkins and milo, and also manage a cow-calf herd. Landon handles the crops and his dad is the rancher. With the science of FiberMax and the quality it delivers, plus their cotton-growing art, they’re confident success will continue right through 2023. That’s when their operation becomes a Century Farm.



Colin Chopelas

Colin Chopelas
San Patricio County, Coastal Bend of South Texas

Looking toward tomorrow thanks to today’s quality.

A fifth-generation farmer, Colin farms with his father, who taught him the art of growing cotton. In 2014, the farm reached a milestone by being designated a Century Farm. Colin is proud to be part of a South Texas farm that has continuously worked the same land for more than 100 years. And planting FiberMax has made him proud of the staple and quality he produces.

He’s excited at the prospect of future generations continuing to farm the land his grandfather and great grandfather established.



Barry and Chase Street

Barry and Chase Street
Claytonville, Texas

Building a future for their next cotton farmers.

Barry and his son, Chase, are huge Texas Tech fans and they’re big into cotton. They’re also fans of FiberMax. Barry and Chase purchased the independent Street Community Gin back in 1988. When growers started bringing in FiberMax, they noticed the quality and yield it delivered. So they decided to plant it themselves — they’re third- and fourth-generation cotton farmers.

Barry wants the farm and gin to continue so he can pass along his cotton-growing skills. In addition to having Chase involved in the operation, he has two grandchildren he calls “the cotton farmers.” And that’s what they say they want to be someday.



Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Brown

Succeeding while stewarding the land and water.

A fourth-generation cotton farmer with just under 3,000 acres, Jeremy not only practices the art of growing cotton while planting FiberMax, he’s also deeply committed to stewardship. He practices crop rotation, minimum tillage and uses green cover crops while growing cotton and other crops. Farming the South Plains of Texas, he’s very conscious of water use, and appreciates the FiberMax varieties that help him succeed while using water efficiently. Jeremy also uses technology as much as possible to help with water conservation.


First Bale

The science of FiberMax has made a difference in the lives of these West Texas growers, and it can for you, too.

Members of the Bayer Agronomic Services Team have regional expertise you can count on to help you choose the right FiberMax varieties for your fields.

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