Whether it’s sharing your story or celebrating your achievements, Bayer is committed to the success of cotton growers. Check out the resources below to learn what happens when you combine our science with your art.


Fibermax One Ton Club

One Ton Club

High yield. High quality. Celebrated Success. The One Ton Club celebrates growers who average 2,000 lb/A or more on 20 or more acres.
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Fibermax Maximizer Club

Maximizer Club™

Bayer salutes high yield on dryland acres with the FiberMax® Maximizer Club. Growers that average 1,000 lb/A or more on 20 or more acres can qualify.
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Fibermax success videos

Grower Success Stories

Growers across the Southwest share how they control weeds and harvest excellent quality and high yield with FiberMax cotton varieties.
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Whatever your insect challenge in cotton, learn how Leverage 360 insecticide can help. // more
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