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Bacterial Blight Resistance

The FiberMax cotton brand leads the industry with bacterial blight resistant varieties that also offer premium fiber quality and high yield potential. » more

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Equating Pounds to Quality

Growers who produce premium quality lint open the door to higher earnings. When a geographic area earns a reputation for quality cotton, growers have a better opportunity to increase income. » more

nematode control

Nematode Control

Bayer agronomists and technical reps offer tips to control nematodes using FiberMax cottonseed, Velum® Total and COPeO® Prime nematicide. » more

season-long solutions

Season-Long Solutions

Learn about the full Bayer lineup of seed, traits, seed treatments, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators and harvest aids. » more

scouting for worm control

Scouting for Worm Control

Bt cotton traits reduce the need for in-season treatment for worms, but scouting still is essential to maximize quality and yield. » more

Maximize harvest of those bolls that were on the bottom or the middle of the plant

Tips for Premium Harvest

Learn three tips to optimize quality and maximize yield at harvest, including information on Finish® Pro 6 and Ginstar® harvest aids.premium fiber quality and high yield potential. » more

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