FiberMax Varieties Earn More Money

$81/A More than the competition.

FiberMax® cotton quality characteristics are well known and respected. The question FiberMax leaders asked themselves was: How does the premium quality and high yield translate into dollars?

A review of more than 2,500 data points showed:

Growers who plant FiberMax cotton seed earn an average of $81 more per acre than growers who plant competitive varieties.

The data points used for review are comprehensive and cover a wide variety of field and environmental situations. The study data includes results from:

  • Third-party university research and Extension trials
  • Bayer Agronomic Performance Trials, side-by-side and breeding trials

“What are your production challenges? FiberMax offers varieties with performance that you can take to the bank.”
- Kenny Melton,
Bayer western region
agronomy manager

The data spans four seasons, 2012 through 2015. Only commercial varieties – those available to growers – were included.

Test the Results

Still, simply arriving at that answer wasn’t good enough for Kenny Melton, Bayer western region agronomy manager. He tested the regional answer by pulling out the data points for smaller geographies.

“When we looked at the data and how the various brands performed in smaller geographies, we could see the broad brush did reflect how the varieties performed in that area,” Melton says.

Maximize Profit Opportunity

Ultimately, Melton points out, the surest way for a grower to maximize profit is to tailor the variety to the field.

“This data is not saying that any FiberMax variety that you plant on your farm against any given competitor is going to earn $81 more per acre,” Melton says. “You have to plant the variety that’s suited for your farm. The right variety, the right field, to get the right yield. What are your production challenges? Let’s look at that and then let’s pick the variety that has the highest earning potential.”

What the data shows, Melton says, is this:

“FiberMax offers varieties with performance that you can take to the bank.”

Quality + Yield = Higher Earning Potential

The FiberMax Cotton Solution delivers high-yielding varieties with high-quality fiber and excellent weed control, all backed by Bayer. Combine this with our programs and services, and Bayer delivers the highest earning potential in the cotton market.

Quality + Yield = Higher Earning Potential

Represents more than 2,700 trials. Data from Texas trials over four years, 2012 through 2015.

The values represented here are determined by averaging the individual data parameters in each set of data points. As a result, each set of these values stands alone. The Higher Yield value cannot be multiplied by the Higher Quality value to determine the Higher Earnings value.

checking bollsThe Right Variety for Your Field

The Bayer Agronomic Services Team is available to help you select the right variety for your field.

Locally experienced Agronomic Services Team members will work with you through the season, providing information to help you make the best agronomic decisions for your fields.

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