2017 Bayer Shared Risk Program – West

Shared Risk Program - west region

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The promise of a successful harvest shines brightest at planting. As a grower plots his crop management budget across the season, however, he remembers the years when the promise was broken – whether from not enough rain, too much rain, a late freeze, an early freeze, hail… the list goes on. And that’s where the element of risk impacts a grower’s decision to manage for optimum yield.

Bayer understands the risk growers shoulder. That’s why we created a risk management program designed to give you the economic freedom to manage for high yield potential.

Welcome to the 2017 Bayer Shared Risk™ Program – West.

You provide the expertise. You plant industry-leading varieties from the FiberMax® and Stoneville® lineups and add the Bayer technology that boosts your profit opportunity. We back our science and your artful management with:
  • Replant protection on irrigated or dryland acres.
  • Crop loss protection on irrigated or dryland acres.
  • Dryland protection for producers who suffer crop loss due to drought. Dryland protection is provided at two yield levels:
    • Less than 200 lbs. lint per acre.
    • 200-399 lbs. lint per acre.

That’s the overview. Here are the details.



The Replant Program is available on all acres in the West Region planted to FiberMax and/or Stoneville cotton seed. The program is designed to support growers who lose their first planting to replant to Bayer cotton seed. When replanting to cottonseed isn’t possible, the program supports replant to Credenz® soybeans, corn or sorghum, whichever fits their farm. Read more...



The Crop Loss Program is available when a grower who planted FiberMax and/or Stoneville cotton seed loses his stand within 60 days of final planting. Growers can file claims for seed, trait and listed inputs. Read more...



Dryland Protection is designed to support growers to manage for high yield throughout the season. Dryland Protection, which includes seed, trait and certain input costs, is provided at two levels: less than 200 pounds per acre and 200-399 pounds per acre. Read more...

Kevin Corzine"We partner with companies like Bayer that has the Shared Risk Program that they’re going to be in this risk with us and help us."

“The dryland production is a huge part of it for us. The cost of everything has just gone up, so to have somebody to help you with that, that’s tremendous. The replant program … I would say that 10-15% of our acres every year are maybe looking at a replant situation. We can’t pay for that stuff twice. It’s too expensive as it is. To have somebody that’s going to partner in that replant side of it with us is huge as well. We’ve got to have that piece of the pie as well to help us survive out here where we are.”

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