Harvest Management Practices

Harvest Management Practices

InVigor® L140P and the new L233P, with patented pod shatter reduction technology from Bayer, gives growers the flexibility to consider delayed swathing or straight cutting at harvest.

Late swathing reduces the timing pressure of a large-acre harvest and increases combining flexibility, allowing you to leave the crop in the swath longer. Straight cutting, if timed correctly, can offer growers a yield and quality advantage by allowing them to harvest a more mature crop.  

Both options mean pods will fill for a longer period, resulting in larger seeds, a fuller pod and the potential for lower green seed counts. In short, better overall results.

InVigor Hybrids Protect Your Yield

When you grow InVigor L140P or L233P, our unique pod shatter reduction technology protects the seed left in the pods from pod drop and premature shatter. How significant are the results? See for yourself.

Watch our flick test. See how pod shatter reduction technology protects yield.

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