Advantages of Late Swathing Canola

Late Swathing

Growers often harvest canola with the same swather and combine as cereal crops, with some adjustments. Growers choose late swathing to hasten the drying rate of their canola, ensure even ripening and reduce the possibility of seed losses from wind and hail.

  • Maximize yield potential - Allows pods to fill for longer, which results in larger seeds, fuller pods and lower green seed counts.
  • Reduce timing pressure - Even with large canola acres, you don’t have to swath earlier than recommended (which can result in significant yield and oil penalties).
  • Earlier harvest - Start harvest 8 to 10 days earlier, avoid fall frost and accelerate dry down - very important in fields with uneven maturity.
  • More flexibility - Timing of harvest is not as critical. Canola can be left in the swath for a longer duration than canola that is left standing for straight cutting.

If late swathing is an option on your farm, learn more in our Harvest Management Quick Guide.

To take full advantage of late swathing, start with the right canola seed: Choose from InVigor® L140P or InVigor L233P with pod shatter reduction technology.

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