Advantages of Straight Cutting Canola

straight cutting canola

Straight cutting or direct harvesting means leaving canola standing. While it offers a yield and quality advantage by delivering a more mature crop at harvest, the most significant risk is losses due to pod shatter. Choosing the right canola seed can help reduce loss due to shatter significantly.

  • Maximize yield potential - Allows pods to fill longer and results in larger seeds, fuller pods and lower green seed counts
  • Reduce timing pressure - Large canola acres make it difficult to swath all of a crop at the optimal time. To manage these large harvests, growers are now swathing earlier than recommended which can result in significant yield and oil penalties. If you have the option, leaving canola standing allows you to get to other crops at the optimal time.

If straight cutting is an option on your farm, learn more in our Harvest Management Quick Guide.

To take full advantage of straight cutting, start with the right canola seed: InVigor L140P or InVigor L233P with pod shatter reduction technology.

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