InVigor Canola Hybrids

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Crop Science is giving canola farmers across the northern tier of the United States more options to:

  • overcome growing and harvesting challenges
  • fight disease pressure
  • improve profitability

InVigor L130

A mid-season hybrid that:

  • has a highest blackleg rating possible 
  • is fully resistant to Liberty® herbicide

InVigor L140P

is the result of work by Crop Science breeders to develop a hybrid with the right level of pod shatter tolerance. Canola growers are all too familiar with pre-harvest yield loss due to environmental conditions such as late-season moisture and wind events that prematurely split pods and shell seeds.

InVigor L230

When weather conditions delay canola seeding, be ready with L230. This hybrid flowers earlier, providing added flexibility for your in-season disease management program and giving you a wider swathing window. It offers excellent yield potential and strong blackleg resistance.

InVigor L233P

This hybrid joins other strong options in offering our patented pod shatter reduction technology. With earlier maturity, yield of +109% of check and strong standability, L233P is suitable for all U.S. canola growing areas. Great choice if you direct harvest or straight cut canola.

InVigor L241C

Our newest clubroot-resistant canola is a mid-season maturing hybrid that offers increased yield potential, strong standability and is R-rated for blackleg. We recommend L241C if you grow canola in areas where clubroot is currently a problem or where conditions make your crops susceptible to yield loss.

InVigor L252

is the latest InVigor hybrid with high stress tolerance and early season vigor. The L252 is a mid to full maturing hybrid with superior oil content that offers increased yield and gives growers greater flexibility at harvest by helping to spread out swathing and harvest timing. L252 also continues the InVigor legacy of superior blackleg tolerance.

InVigor 5440

A top yielding, full-season hybrid with:

  • outstanding lodging resistance
  • built-in resistance to blackleg

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