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Identifying and Managing Sclerotinia Stem Rot (White Mold) in Canola

Understand risk factors for Sclerotinia white mold, be able to identify the canola disease, and get tips on managing Sclerotinia stem rot with Proline fungicide. // more

Flea Beetles in Canola

Flea Beetles in Canola Production

InVigor canola seed specialist gives tips to monitor, manage and control flea beetles in canola before the canola pests make an economic impact on your crop. // more


Simple Guidelines to Improve your Canola Planting

Seeding depth, seeding rate, soil temperature, seed-placed fertilizer and sulfur fertility are important factors to remember when preparing to plant canola seed. // more

seed pods

Strong Seed Pods

Canola seed pods contain a valuable freight: the black seeds inside are pressed to extract an oil that is in global demand. However, if the seed pods open prematurely in the field, many of the seeds end up on the ground, resulting in lost yield. Researchers at Crop Science have now developed a variety of canola with especially robust seed pods which are increasing yields for farmers in Canada. // more

Does Proline Fungicide on InVigor Canola Pay?

For northern canola growers, Sclerotinia stem rot can be a serious disease that robs yield. When conditions are right for infection, a Proline® fungicide application on InVigor® canola provides good ROI. // more

Boost your cotton, soybean and canola profits, plus keep your fields clean!// more
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