Stoneville Cotton

Delivering High Yield Potential Since 1922

A great cotton season calls for strength in you and in your crop. Stoneville has the varieties and traits that deliver early-season vigor, which leads to in-season strength and high yield potential at harvest. Combine our science with your cotton-growing art and get a strong start with Stoneville.

Key Benefits

  • Early-season vigor, as evidenced by consistent stand establishment. Stoneville starts growing and keeps growing.
  • High yield potential, as evidenced by performance in Official Variety Trials conducted by land-grant university researchers across the Cotton Belt.
  • Increased profit opportunity through higher yield potential and improved quality.
  • Flexible weed management with LibertyLink® and GlyTol® traits, giving you weed control options that include Liberty®, a working nonselective herbicide that is effective on tough-to-control grasses and broadleaves.
  • Proven worm control with either TwinLink Plus, powered by three Bt genes, or TwinLink®, with two Bt genes.

The Stoneville Story Continues to Grow

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