Stoneville Cotton

Stoneville 4946 and 4747

Stoneville® Outperforms Deltapine Varieties

Growers have had good yields and quality across the Mid-South with ST 4946GLB2 and ST 4747GLB2. In 74 trials in 2014, these two varieties yielded more than DP 1321 B2RF, resulting in a higher average value per acre.

ST 4946GLB2 & ST 4747GLB2 VS. DP 1321 B2RF

From Bayer CAP and strip trials as well as university OVT and county trials.

Similar results were seen in 2013-2014 trials in the Mid-South; ST 4946GLB2 and ST 4747GLB2 outyielded and outvalued DP 1137 B2RF.

ST 4946GLB2 & ST 4747GLB2 VS. DP 1137 B2RF

Includes comparisons from Bayer strip trials as well as university OVT trials.

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