Start right: Premium seed treatments are tools for profit

Insect and root protection from the premium seed treatment Aeris®/Trilex® Advanced promotes vigorous seedlings and strong stands
Insect and root protection from the premium seed treatment Aeris®/Trilex® Advanced promotes vigorous seedlings and strong stands

A cotton grower who could guess the weather wouldn’t need to farm to make a living. Yet, some might suggest that a grower who doesn’t consider a premium seed treatment is predicting that the weather will be good – and, of course, insect pressure will be low.

Weather that isn’t conducive to growing cotton, complicated by early-season insects, is exactly why growers should at least consider a premium seed treatment. Wet, cold weather in the First 40 Days increases the crop’s vulnerability to early-season pests, which are credited with stealing more than 1.8 million bales of cotton each year.

That’s why every grower must deploy a good defense at planting. What happens in those First 40 Days sets the stage for harvest.

Growers who plant Stoneville® seed already receive COPeO® Prime nematicide and EverGol® Prime fungicide in their base seed treatment. For fields under pressure from nematodes and thrips, growers can level up to the premium Aeris®/Trilex® Advanced to get thrips control and add modes of action to their disease and nematode seed protection.

Mid-South growers rarely expect low pressure from thrips. Aeris brings two sites of action to the field to provide effective early protection from thrips.

“Across all our regional trials, as far as seed treatments go, Aeris was the best performing product. Aeris has been at the top of the trials for the last several years and it has performed better than aldicarb in terms of thrips,” reports Dr. Scott Stewart, University of Tennessee.

In a paper issued in January 2017, the Mid-South Entomology Working Group identified the Stoneville-exclusive treatment of Aeris as providing “the best option for currently available ‘stand alone’ seed treatments.” The paper compared Aeris to six other seed treatments and a granular treatment.

For fields under nematode pressure, Aeris adds a second site of action against nematodes to complement the base treatment of COPeO Prime nematicide.

“COPeO Prime offers that in-bag protection from nematodes. When a grower combines that with Aeris/Trilex Advanced, he’s getting two sites of action against nematodes – one each from Aeris and COPeO Prime. Additionally, Aeris provides two active ingredients with two unique modes of action that offer thrips protection that make this combination a premier offer for insect and nematode management,” says Jeremiah Mullock, Bayer SeedGrowth Product Development Manager.

The combination of Aeris with Trilex Advanced adds disease protection to the nematode and insect protection package that Aeris brings.

“Trilex Advanced offers complete broad-spectrum control from those key pathogens, such as Fusarium spp., Pythium and Rhizoctonia, as well as suppression of Thielaviopsis basicola,” Mullock points out.

Until disease and insect pressure is predictable, growers making a decision about seed treatment can turn to the Bayer Technical Service Representatives for local expertise.

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