Manage Disease with Resistant Cotton Varieties

Make a Stand Against Disease

Growers with fields under pressure from bacterial blight and Verticillium wilt must target those yield-robbing diseases during variety selection.

“Variety selection is the priority for controlling bacterial blight and Verticillium wilt,” says Scott Asher, Bayer agronomic manager for the Eastern region. “Other cultural practices, such as debris removal, are a distant second in regard to the ability to mitigate the disease.”

Neither can growers turn to chemical control to manage for either disease.

“But growers still can put their management experience to work to keep these diseases from impacting their yield,” University of Georgia Extension Plant Pathologist Bob Kemerait says. “They can look carefully at the varieties available and choose varieties that offer at least tolerance to these diseases. It’s important to look at field history to realize that pressure from these diseases—bacterial blight in particular—is increasing and take that important first step to manage for these diseases with variety selection.”

Using a right field, right variety, right yield approach, Asher says, growers can choose varieties that offer strong early-season vigor and high yield and quality potential as well as resistance to bacterial blight and/or tolerance to Verticillium wilt.

“Several Stoneville varieties offer the characteristics that growers are looking for to manage disease in their fields,” Asher says.

Bacterial Blight Resistance and Verticillium Wilt Tolerance

  • ST 5115GLT: A medium maturing variety, ST 5115GLT is known for excellent seedling vigor, good fiber quality and high gin turnout. This variety responds well under irrigation and comes equipped with the Bayer proprietary trait package of GlyTol® LibertyLink® TwinLink® (GLT), which offers proven, in-season weed management with Liberty® and glyphosate herbicides and TwinLink, a two-gene worm protection trait.

Bacterial Blight Resistance

  • ST 5020GLT: A new variety released in January 2017, ST 5020GLT offers the best fiber package in this brand and delivers stable performance across a wide range of environments. Bred for the Eastern Cotton Belt – including the Southeast, Delta and Mid-Atlantic, ST 5020GLT delivers the exclusive Bayer weed- and worm-resistance traits growers need to manage their crops for high yield: TwinLink, to provide protection against a broad spectrum of worm pests; and GlyTol and LibertyLink to control herbicide-resistant and tough weeds with the unique mode of action provided by Liberty herbicide.

  • ST 5517GLTP: Growers who plant ST 5517GLTP to fields under pressure from worms and/or bacterial blight increase their opportunity for exceptional yield and quality and decrease disease impact on yield. The three-gene protection of TwinLink Plus reduces the chance of needing an overspray for worms. ST 5517GLTP starts strong with early-season vigor and doesn’t let bacterial blight or worms get in the way of a high yield at harvest.

  • ST 6448GLB2: A full-season variety, ST 6448GLB2 provides outstanding yield potential and very good fiber quality, performs well under irrigation or on dryland, and provides the added benefits of herbicide flexibility and crop safety to full-labeled rates of glyphosate and Liberty. It is well-adapted for the Southeast, South Delta, Mid-Atlantic and South Texas cotton-growing areas. It has excellent seedling vigor, resulting in consistent stand establishment.

Verticillium Wilt Tolerance

  • ST 4949GLT: A strong performer in dryland or under irrigation, ST 4949GLT offers exceptional yield potential, good fiber quality and very high lint turnout. With intermediate tolerance to Verticillium wilt, this variety holds onto yield under pressure from disease.

  • ST 4747GLB2: The key word for this large-seeded variety is early. ST 4747GLB2 promises not only early seedling vigor, but also exceptional yield potential in an early-season variety. Look to this variety for early seedling vigor, consistent yield and intermediate tolerance to Verticillium wilt.
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