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Designed to economically support growers who choose to plant Stoneville® and FiberMax® cotton, the Bayer Shared Risk™ Program gives you the freedom to plan for success with industry-leading science sprinkled with more science: the right seed treatment and field-appropriate nematode control. Add your generational experience in the art of managing a cotton crop and the opportunity for success just went up.

When your expertise and our science lose a round to Mother Nature, Bayer provides:
  • Replant protection on irrigated or dryland acres.
  • Crop loss protection on irrigated or dryland acres.
  • Dryland protection for producers who suffer crop loss due to drought. Dryland protection is provided when yield falls below 750 pounds per acre as a result of drought.


The Replant Program is available on all acres in the East Region planted to Stoneville and/or FiberMax cotton seed. The program is designed to support growers who lose their first planting to replant to Bayer cotton seed. When replanting to cottonseed isn’t possible, the program supports replant to Credenz® soybeans. Read more...

crop loss


The Crop Loss Program is available when a grower who planted Stoneville and/or FiberMax cotton seed loses his stand within 60 days of final planting. Growers can file claims for seed, trait and listed inputs. Read more...



Dryland Protection is designed to support growers to manage for high yield throughout the season. Dryland Protection, which includes seed, trait and certain input costs, is provided when drought causes yield to fall below 750 pounds per acre. Read more...

Kevin Corzine“The Shared Risk Program works right along with what we’re doing. It’s products we’re already using and managing for the best that the cotton can put out. We’re setting ourselves up for the best yield that we can have.”

“With the Shared Risk Program at least I know Bayer has got my back. Right now, in a time where risk is a big issue in cotton production, the Bayer Shared Risk Program is a big deal in keeping acres in the ground here in the Southeast.”

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