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Evolving Crop Protection for an Ever-Changing Industry

We are constantly updating our diverse portfolio of crop protection products with a focus on offering proven broad-spectrum weed, pest and disease control, easier crop management and the time saving technologies for maximizing crop production and enhancing profitability.

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Bayer’s innovative herbicides fight the weeds that threaten your soybeans. These herbicides control weed pressure and provide reliable, season-long control.

Wolverine Advanced logo

Warrant® Herbicide
Improved crop safety and weed control with patented micro-encapsulation technology.

Autumn Super logo

Autumn™ Super Herbicide
Burndown of emerged fall weeds allows you to start the season with clean fields.


Bayer fungicides offer growers control of the toughest soybean diseases. Our products feature multiple modes of action that protect crops from leaf surface to plant core.

Delaro logo

Delaro® 325 Fungicide
Raise the bar on yields next season with Delaro fungicide.

Stratego YLD logo

Stratego® YLD Fungicide
Broad-spectrum, long-lasting disease control and higher yield potential.

velum totalWatching for Soybean Diseases? Remember these Key Signs
Protect your soybeans from these key diseases throughout the growing season.

Frogeye Leaf Spot in SoybeansFrogeye Leaf Spot in Soybeans
Prepare to defend against this potentially yield-robbing disease every year.


Bayer insecticides control damaging insects in your soybeans. Cost-effective and absorbed quickly, these insecticides are a key part of integrated pest management programs.

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Baythroid® XL Insecticide
Fast knockdown and long residual control on a broad spectrum of insect pests.

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Sivanto® Insecticide
Precisely targets key damaging pests while helping safeguard beneficial insects.

Soybean AphidSoybean Aphid
The best approach to managing soybean aphids is preventive control.

Seed Growth

Bayer seed treatments protect plants both above and below the ground, starting early in the season and continuing through harvest.


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