What is GlyTol glyphosate-tolerant technology?

GlyTol® glyphosate-tolerant technology is a unique proprietary biotech trait developed by Crop Science that provides glyphosate herbicide tolerance in cotton.

What does the GlyTol trait do?

The GlyTol trait provides a high level of herbicide tolerance and crop safety to full-label rates of a number of different formulations of glyphosate herbicide over a wide application window.

Is GlyTol trait technology the same as Roundup Ready® Flex technology from Monsanto?

No. GlyTol technology utilizes a different gene and promoter. It is a different technology, although it produces a similar result - tolerance to glyphosate herbicide. In fact, GlyTol technology has been shown to provide excellent tolerance and crop safety across various brands and formulations of glyphosate.

How has the GlyTol trait performed in the field?

Across the Cotton Belt, the agronomic characteristics of seed containing the GlyTol trait in cotton helps to improve germination, emergence, plant growth, vigor, yield, harvestability and fiber quality. The technology is an excellent performer in the field and delivers a high level of convenience, efficacy and crop safety.

What are the advantages of cotton with the GlyTol trait?

Cotton with the GlyTol trait offers growers a new choice and greater flexibility in their weed management decisions. The GlyTol trait offers:

  • Proven crop safety when used with multiple glyphosate formulations
  • Overall excellent crop tolerance to various glyphosate products, with no impact on plant height, yield or quality
  • Increased production efficiency

What formulations of glyphosate herbicide can be used safely over the top of cotton with the GlyTol trait?

A range of different glyphosate formulations has been tested and proven crop safe in cotton with the GlyTol trait. Cotton with the GlyTol trait may be used with any glyphosate products approved for use on glyphosate-tolerant cotton. (Always read and follow label instructions.)

In which cotton seed brands will the GlyTol trait be available?

We have introgressed the GlyTol gene into our FiberMax® and Stoneville® cotton seed varieties.

Is GlyTol trait technology be available stacked with Bt technologies?

Yes, FiberMax and Stoneville varieties with GlyTol/LibertyLink and TwinLink traits are available in top-performing varieties. GlyTol can also be found stacked with LibertyLink and  Bollgard II® varieties.

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