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Extensive GlyTol Field Testing

Extensive laboratory, greenhouse and field trials across the Cotton Belt have been conducted to evaluate crop tolerance and agronomic characteristics of cotton containing GlyTol® technology. This includes germination, emergence, plant growth, vigor, yield, harvestability and fiber quality.

Research and development activities have shown that GlyTol technology offers:

  • Proven crop safety to various glyphosate formulations with no impact on yield, quality or plant height
  • A wide application window for over-the-top application of glyphosate
  • Production efficiency and flexibility to allow growers to make the right decisions for their farms

Testing Locations

Herbicide Testing

Multiple glyphosate formulations have been tested and proven crop-safe in cotton containing GlyTol technology. Any brand of glyphosate herbicide registered for use on cotton may be used over the top of cotton containing GlyTol technology, unless expressly prohibited on the herbicide label. Always read and follow label directions.

GlyTol technology provides growers flexibility within their glyphosate program. During our trials, we field-tested the following formulations over the top of cotton containing GlyTol and have seen excellent crop safety with all of them:

  • Glyfos® X-Tra
  • Glyfos X-Tra Flex
  • Touchdown Total®
  • Buccaneer®
  • Roundup PowerMax®
  • Makaze™
  • Credit® Extra

*No significant differences were recorded vs. untreated cotton using Duncan's New Multiple Range Test 

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