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LibertyLink Soybeans

Crop Science, a division of Bayer, has broadly licensed the LibertyLink® trait to combine high-yielding genetics with the powerful, nonselective postemergence weed control of Liberty® herbicide.

With soybean seed available through nearly 85 seed companies, including Credenz® Seed, growers can manage their weed pressures with LibertyLink varieties that fit their growing conditions.

LibertyLink Cotton

The LibertyLink trait is widely available in high yielding, high-quality FiberMax® and Stoneville® cotton seed varieties.

It is also offered stacked with GlyTol®, which provides growers with the option to choose the nonselective weed control method they need. FiberMax and Stoneville varieties stacked with GlyTol and the LibertyLink trait are the first-ever stacked cotton varieties with full tolerance to both Liberty and glyphosate herbicides for flexible, reliable weed resistance management. In addition, Bayer offers the LibertyLink trait stacked with GlyTol and Bollgard Il® in high-yielding FiberMax and Stoneville varieties for effective weed control options and protection against worms.

LibertyLink Corn

LibertyLink corn hybrids are available in Herculex®, SmartStax® and Agrisure® hybrids with corn borer protection. They are also available as in-bag refuge products in Genuity® SmartStax RIB Complete®, Refuge Advanced® powered by SmartStax, Optimum® AcreMax® RW (AMRW), Optimum AcreMax (AM), Optimum AcreMax XTRA (AMX),Optimum AcreMax 1 (AM1) and Optimum AcreMax XTreme (AMXT).*

* Not all Optimum AcreMax products may be sprayed with Liberty in-crop, indicated by the label designations ending in -R, e.g., AMRW-R, AM-R and AMX-R.

LibertyLink Canola

InVigor® canola hybrids with the LibertyLink trait are top performers, known for outstanding yield and strong early season growth. They consistently deliver superior crop establishment, uniform maturity and greater harvestability over many other hybrids. InVigor canola hybrids with the LibertyLink trait have out-yielded competitive lines since InVigor canola introduction.

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