Soybean Residual Program

Better Yields, Better Control And Better Savings.

Get Up To $7/Acre Back

When you buy LibertyLink® soybeans + Liberty® + Autumn™ Super + qualifying FMC residual

Add Autumn™ Super and FMC Residual Herbicides

The Autumn™ Super program and the Soybean Residual program with FMC extend the weed control and the savings with rebates on Autumn Super, Authority® herbicides and Anthem® herbicides with the purchase of LibertyLink® soybean seed and Liberty® herbicide.

Liberty® 29.0 oz./acre  
Autumn™ Super herbicide 0.3 oz./acre $2.00/acre
Authority® Maxx herbicide 6.4 oz./acre $3.00/acre
Authority® Assist herbicide 8.0 oz./acre $3.00/acre
Authority® First DF herbicide 5.0 oz./acre $3.00/acre
Authority® MTZ DF herbicide 14.0 oz./acre $3.00/acre
Authority® XL herbicide 6.4 oz./acre $3.00/acre
Anthem® herbicide 6.0 oz./acre $2.00/acre
Anthem® Maxx herbicide 3.0 oz./acre $2.00/acre

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