Resistance is spreading

Herbicide-resistant weeds continue to spread at a startling rate, with 14 resistant species in 29 states—19 of which have multiple resistant species that infest millions of acres, according to The costs caused by glyphosate resistance begin with profit loss and harvestability issues and can end in complete crop loss or permanent damage to a grower's legacy to future generations.

Reliable weed management

LibertyLink® technology combined with Liberty® herbicide enables nonselective herbicide rotation in multiple crops, and offers the most reliable resistance management solution. In 2012, 78 percent of Midwest growers and 89 percent of Southern growers who used a LibertyLink program reported choosing it primarily as a resistance management tool, or to improve overall weed control, according to a 2012 Beck Ag survey of LibertyLink growers.

Year after year, LibertyLink users report satisfaction in both weed control and high-yielding crops. In spite of the 2012 drought conditions, 79 percent of LibertyLink growers rated their LibertyLink soybeans as excellent or good.

Growers talk

Wendy Butterfield

Shirley, Indiana

Wendy is now in her second year with high-performing LibertyLink soybeans. She said she was impressed with the weed control of Liberty herbicide. “It has smoked everything. Two days and you drive by and [the field is] completely brown,” Butterfield said. “It's such a good feeling because, as a farmer, that's one of our wars: weeds.”

Tyler Hornbeck

Gillett, Arkansas

Tyler is now in his fourth season growing LibertyLink soybeans. “We had LibertyLink beans that were cutting 60, 65, 70 bushels [per acre] around here the first year. They'll hang in there with yield just like Roundup Ready as far as I'm concerned.” he said.

Other LibertyLink Mentors report similar satisfaction with the technology, reporting as much as a 5 to 10 bushel per acre yield advantage over Roundup Ready® soybeans.

Melissa Cade Video Thumbnail Wayne Stoll Video Thumbnail Bryan May Video Thumbnail
Melissa Cade
New Market, Iowa
Wayne Stoll
Corder, Missouri
Bryan May
Rose Creek, Minnesota

Additional Resources for Weed Management

Download a list of tools and websites to help you manage weed resistance and drought on your farm.

LinkUp™ with LibertyLink and save

Plant a minimum of 150 acres* of LibertyLink soybeans, FiberMax® or Stoneville® LibertyLink cotton or InVigor® canola and earn a cash equivalent up to:

  • $5/unit for soybeans
  • $30/unit for cotton or canola
*Acre qualification: 1 soybean unit = 1 acre; 1 cotton unit = 5 acres; 1 canola unit = 10 acres. Refer to program details for the full offer requirements at

Crop Science encourages you to work with your dealer to forecast** your Liberty® herbicide needs when you book LibertyLink soybeans, cotton or canola.

**Please be aware that a forecasted need for LibertyLink herbicide is not a guarantee that supply will be available.

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