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Protect Your Bottom Line and Prevent Resistance

Growers are faced with the challenges of weed resistance and the impact it has on their bottom line and the future of their farms. According to U.S. News, Palmer amaranth infests 2 million acres of cotton and soybean fields in the Southeast and has begun to move to the Midwest. As the weed resistance problem grows, so does its impact on ROI.

LibertyLink® technology and Liberty® herbicide offer the most reliable weed management solution for weeds resistant to glyphosate and multiple herbicide classes, providing growers with a more profitable option for sustainable and high-yielding crop production.

Terry Wood

Morenci, MI

Terry Wood found a way to increase soybean profits on his 600-acre farm. "We started using the LibertyLink program last year and it performed very well; our beans averaged 62 bushels per acre. It also took care of the weed pressure from the prior year and wild corn left in the field."

Other LibertyLink Mentors have experienced positive ROIs since using the LibertyLink Program.

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Stan Peterman
Villisca, Iowa
Wayne Stoll
Corder, Missouri
Bryan May
Rose Creek, Minnesota

Growers who minimize early season weed competition maximize their potential for high-yielding crops. According to the Rabobank Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory (FAR) group, herbicide-resistant weeds increase the cost of soybean production $10 to $45 per acre, depending on the level of infestation.

David Chambers

New Castle, IN

David Chambers chose the LibertyLink program because of the long-term benefits herbicide rotation has on preventing weed resistance on his farm. "As weed resistance gets more severe, our yields can lose 2 to 3 bushels to the acre, resulting in a loss of $30 to $40 per acre depending on the price of beans. To avoid the resistance buildup, I will stay with the LibertyLink program as long as I can."

Fifty-seven percent of growers feel that their future level of weed resistance will be at a rating from 5 to 7, with 7 being a severe problem.* Stay ahead of resistance, protect investments and avoid unneeded costs.

*According to a 2012 Beck Ag survey of LibertyLink growers.

Additional Resources for Weed Management

Download a list of tools and websites to help you manage weed resistance and drought on your farm.

LinkUp with LibertyLink and save

Plant a minimum of 50 acres* of LibertyLink soybeans, FiberMax® or Stoneville® LibertyLink cotton or InVigor® canola and earn up to:

  • $5/unit for soybeans
  • $30/unit for cotton or canola
*Acre qualification: 1 soybean unit = 1 acre; 1 cotton unit = 5 acres; 1 canola unit = 10 acres. Refer to program details for the full offer requirements at

Bayer encourages you to work with your dealer to forecast your Liberty herbicide needs when you book LibertyLink soybeans, cotton or canola.

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