TwinLink® Plus and TwinLink cotton technology provides you with season-long Bt protection against worm pests and contain multiple Bt genes for effective management of major lepidopteran pests.

Learn more about how TwinLink Plus and TwinLink trait technology, insect resistance management and other Bayer cotton tools help you unlock the potential of your cotton fields.


scouting for worm control

Scouting for Worm Control

Bt cotton traits reduce the need for in-season treatment for worms, but scouting still is essential to maximize quality and yield.
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Nodes Above Cracked Boll is a tried-and-true method for scheduling the start of harvest.

Planting Restrictions and Refuge Requirements for TwinLink Plus and TwinLink Cotton

Cotton varieties with TwinLink® Plus and TwinLink traits can be grown across the Cotton Belt. Check here for refuge requirements and state-specific regulation.
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Variety Selector Tool

Growers turn to Bayer when they want high-performance varieties and hybrids because they know our seeds deliver the early seedling vigor, superior stand establishment, greater harvestability, and high yield potential you want in your cotton and soybean crops. Compare varieties and find the right seed for your field.
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