TwinLink and TwinLink Plus Stewardship

Strong stewardship starts with commitment to growers

Stewardship is also a generational commitment and requires active participation. We understand that by improving our corner of the world the entire global community benefits.

We have a mission of Science for a Better Life. And we are dedicated to supporting the advancement of modern, sustainable agriculture that ensures the social, economic and ecologic needs of our world are met.

Every day, we think and act with our growers’ success in mind. It’s in our DNA. We try to meet and anticipate your needs, while delivering the highest yields and greatest quality possible.

We understand one of the most essential elements of sustainability is profitable yields. So our success is dependent upon delivering innovation focused on providing tools to increase your profit.

These tools include the development of cutting-edge seed traits and stewardship practices to improve your productivity and effectively manage diseases, weeds and insects.

Bayer is committed to implementing effective Insect Resistance Management (IRM) programs for TwinLink® Plus, TwinLink and future traits that confer insect resistance to crops.

The IRM program for TwinLink and TwinLink Plus cotton is updated annually by Bayer based on feedback from grower and industry groups, along with input from Extension, research and regulatory experts.

The TwinLink and TwinLink Plus IRM plan has three major components: effective doses of multiple insecticidal protein, good Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practice and effective refuge.

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