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The Reality About Weeds

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When you focus on what makes production agriculture tick, it comes down to just a few things. We love the land. We work every day to ensure a bright future for our families. And we want that bright future to be passed on to the next generation.

All of us worry about the Farm Bill, commodity prices and inputs, but when it gets down to the field level, weed management may just be one of the key issues of this decade. Can you imagine a drive across this country without seeing actively growing crops? If growers allow tough-to-control weeds to get the better of them, economies of scale have proven that weeds can overrun fields and decimate today's and tomorrow's profits. See how resistance is spreading by examining a map of areas in the United States where glyphosate-resistant weeds have been confirmed.

The best way to preserve the effectiveness of weed control technologies is to ensure good control and eliminate weed seed production. It's important to seize each and every opportunity to stop surviving weeds from producing seed. This will reduce the soil seed bank and selection pressure.

Game-changing solutions

We take weed management very seriously, using our extensive experience to work with you on innovative, integrated solutions for productive and sustainable farms. Crop Science is dedicated to bringing game-changing technologies to the local market to address the most important agronomic challenges farmers face. These solutions affect not only your profitability, but contribute to U.S. agriculture by providing healthier, more plentiful food for the world, one harvest at a time.

Our responsibility to provide effective weed management includes our Respect the Rotation initiative, which elevates the importance and grower adoption of herbicide diversity through the rotation of crops, traits and modes of action.

Crop Science also works with agronomists and university experts to continue to study the science of weed management. On our YouTube channel, you can see video clips of both growers and experts discussing this ever-changing issue and their belief in the power of good stewardship.

Tools to carry your farm into the future

But it doesn't stop there. Crop Science is a leading provider of herbicide-tolerant trait platforms and crop protection products to carry your farm into the future, ensuring that you have access to robust weed management programs.

In the pipeline is Balance™ GT*, a double herbicide tolerant trait stack that features a new form of glyphosate tolerance for soybeans, coupled with tolerance to Balance® Bean* herbicide. Balance™ GT has received cultivation approval from the USDA, making it one of the first dual-herbicide tolerant products for soybeans in the U.S. market. Balance Bean herbicide is expected to launch mid-decade, pending necessary regulatory approvals.

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Additional information
For helpful resources about Integrated Weed Management and Respect the Rotation, explore the Learning Center to find articles, videos and more. You can also check out the Trait and Technology Use Manual for additional details on our technology offerings, including useful statistics and application guidelines.


* A collaboration with MS Technologies.

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